Ysquar3: How a young kid dreamt about being a music producer back in 2009.

Learning, consistently practicing, and implementing those lessons in music have indeed taken people to unbelievable success levels.

There are two types of individuals in this world; one, who believes in following the footsteps of others, and two, who believe in breaking barriers, creating new norms, and influencing others to follow in his footsteps. To belong to the latter category was something not many chose, but the ones who did also proved how capable they were to ultimately take over their respective industries. Yuvraj Singh Yadav, famously known by his stage name in the world of music as Ysquar3, has tried to do the same, and it won’t be wrong to say that in many ways, he has even proved his mettle in music as a producer and DJ.

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To make it huge in an industry as saturated as music, people need to give it their all and constantly seek inspiration from other established or emerging artists. Ysquar3 (@ysquar3), who started his journey as a young kid and who dreamt about being a music producer in 2009, did the same and initially took inspiration from Tiesto – Love Comes Again, a song that inspired and influenced him highly to create something of his own, while in his 6th grade. Today, he advises the same to budding talents to keep taking inspiration to ignite the fire within them and enter the music world. 

Being a tech enthusiast since the beginning, he enjoyed learning bits of music on a computer and later also learned the piano, which helped in broadening his skills and creativity. Taking massive inspiration from electronic music, falling in love with the genre was only natural for him. He learned production all by himself for six years and put in sleepless nights to become a producer and DJ. Today, having his songs available on top streaming sites like Spotify prove how far he has come. Through journeys like these, people can learn how having a passion for something can help them reach places in life and how learning-unlearning things every day also lead people to better their craft as professionals, ultimately leading them to the success they seek in life.