Vastu Expert & Numerologist tips from renowned Mr Akshit Kapoor

Mr Akshit Kapoor is a Civil Engineer and a Numerologist. He began his Entrepreneurial Foray In The Construction Industry, starting as a contractor to the government. Some Of The Major Projects Executed By him Include Aiims In Rishikesh, Metro Lines In Delhi, Indonesian Embassy, And Many Residential Projects. He has always worked to deliver results effectively and always looks to commit today’s resources to the future. He has inherited talents and knowledge to relieve many people to get them out of stressful situations and lead a successful life.

House interiors affect every part of your home, from the main door to your furniture space. It touches on every aspect of our lives. The wrong direction can have many negative consequences in your personal and professional life. How does the law affect your life? This world is made of energy, and we are energy. This energy is invisible but effective. We call this cosmic energy. This cosmic energy flows in a particular direction, and any obstruction in energy flow negatively affects a family. These problems can be related to money, health, career, marriage, relationships, etc. Numbers in our life play a crucial role too and indicate a lot about us and our lives and how we can transform to a better living, career, money, family issues, health, etc. can be analysed by expert’s advice.

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The Seven Chakras are channelized and charged for continuous happy living. It is when Positive Energy surrounds human beings, and they follow their favorable directions.

Opening your Seven chakras and allowing a healthy energy flow is a powerful tool for staying balanced and maintaining good health and positive thoughts. Chakras are spinning wheels of electric energy of different colours that perform many functions connecting our energy fields, bodies, and the broader Cosmic Energy Field.

By facing our favourable directions, one will be able to achieve success for our efforts. Vastu Consultants help make lives better and will secure one’s day-to-day life.

One can implement Vastu tips for wardrobe to increase the positive energy in the house. Vastu expert Akshitji has established straightforward architectural principles with his years of in-depth study. These three principles allow cosmic energy to be connected, balanced, and channeled through better direction, proper design, and activity cycles. These changes and architectural measures are based on a person’s date of birth which many architectural experts miss. Vastushastra Vastu is not a standard set of solutions but depends on a person’s date of birth. With the deep knowledge of Vastu and numerology & with his intuitive power, Mr Akshit has a unique capability to find practical solutions for the most demanding problems of his clients. His incredible insights and expertise in analyzing the energies of the place quickly enables him to create the most harmonious and prosperous environments in homes, offices, land sites, hotels, and restaurants. Many happy clients have found a profound change in their life, and it’s a chance to grab the expert’s advice without a second thought!