Vaishnav Patil : What is an SMMA business model and how you can make money online?

Vaishnav Patil
Vaishnav Patil

Making money online was quite difficult thing back in few years ago,
People used to afraid buying online but as the world accepting to the online world and trusting to purchase online,
Online world has been throwing more opportunities to the people,
There are plenty online businesses through that people are making a lot of money in the digital world.
E-commerce, Dropshipping, Affiliate marketing, People selling online courses, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing and so on.
Some people are making money through freelancing  and some are building businesses in the online world,
SMMA business model is the one of the business model that is booming in the online world and people are making millions by doing this business.

What is SMMA business model?
SMMA business model is quite simple,
Learning a skill in the digital marketing and making a business with help of the skill,
There are a lot of skills that you can learn in the digital world such as Facebook Paid Advertising, Youtube Paid Advertising, Content Marketing, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media Management and there are almost never ending skills that has been coming in the digital world.
Now you will have a skill that you have to sell in order to make money,

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How you will sell your skill or how you will get clients?
Almost 90% business owners are on the social media platforms and you can easily reach to those business owners using Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media platform.
You can offer your skill based service and say that I’ll grow your business using this skill,
Every business owner wants more customers for their business and you are giving them customer
So they would definitely like to try your service and that is how sell your service and you will get your first client,
Use same technique to get more clients and you will be getting a lot of clients who will be paying you on a monthly basis.
Once you reached to the more clients landmark and when it’s hard to handle more clients then you can use the same social media to hire a freelancer to handle your client and you can either hire him/her on a full time or contractor.
This is how you can just use your skill to build a business without using a penny.
Vaishnav says ‘There has never been a good time to start an SMMA than Now’