Top 9 Exceptional Personalities of The Globe

The Top 9 Exceptional Personalities of the globe are Pinki Khandelwal , Sneha Jain , Sankalp Mirani , Sumit Sharma , Priyanka SV , Omkar Sethi , Rakhi Sharma , Charmila Sanjeev, and Harshitaa Chauhan Verma .


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Pinki Khandelwal belongs to a middle-class educated family. She is interested in literature as well as dancing photography. She has participated in many competitions. She has recently been awarded The All India Best Writer Award. Her works have been published in many newspapers and magazines. Recently his book has been published and one of his articles has been published in International News Paper.


Sneha Jain is a 21-year-old author from Karnal, Haryana, India. She started writing when she was 18 years old and got her first book published in 2020. The book was named as “The visionary lights from a dark mind “. It consists of some easily readable and relatable poems. Her second book “She -The Withered Flower” (an e-book) released in July 2021.It depicts the various things that the female gender goes through. It is a step to raise voice against the cruelty , the girls and the women face in this world, hence showing how the female gender suffers yet blooms with a little sunshine of respect and love. Sneha Jain , being a girl herself, could bring out the female gender’s life difficulties and the victory over them , quite gracefully. She is of opinion that no female is inferior than the other and only a little motivation, love, care and respect may do wonders. She aims to help each female of the world to be respected and successful. Her motive to write is to bring out the reality of the world in all aspects.

Instagram – @sneha.jain25


Sankalp Mirani is  trailblazing author from Nagpur, Maharashtra. He is currently pursuing his law from MNLU, Mumbai and is passionate to sort his career in the same.

When asked about what does his works treasure, the Euphoric Bliss writer talked about how his books convert a wide range of genres like Love , romance, horror comedy, God, self help, business development, motivational and every genre one knows about.

Mr. Mirani has always been passionate about writing… He started with writing poems then poetry books then anthologies then somehow fortunately got into writing short stories and then novels.

During his talk in interviews one can clearly know from where he derives all his motivation to move ahead in life and keep acheiving diffrent milestones, his biggest motivation include he himself and his people. On being asked about his future plan and what he aims to acheive from his book, he replies that he aims to become the biggest best selling international author and write more books and reach more people in the future.

One of the stepping stones of his success is that his first book self help book is still selling effectively and never is in stock.

Mr.Sankalp is now a well established author but this wasn’t a cake walk, this journey of two years did make him encounter a number of difficulties. He talked about how he had monetary struggles and as a new author one need to market and sell on their own, publication, designing, copyright, isbn and everything in between, in his case was done by him alone and it was for sure a tough job to do.

Mr. Mirani’s achivements is a long list and it is fascinating and inspiring to see the Indian youth achieving so much at such a young age all by  themselves.

His books The Euphoric Bliss holds the power to keep you and your partner completely wrapped up in each other.

Sankalp Mirani is the Hindustan Times and CBFC’s bestselling author of more than 5 novels, and the Reta® award winning writer of the literary TV show A PUN ON WORDS. He also writes urban fantasy under the pen name Improvkaar. His work has won critical acclaim, prestigious awards, been optioned for television, and has been published in 28 countries. Sankalp now again is working hard on his next novel and his readers are impatient to get their hands on it.


Sharma Sumit, a 19 year old , studies at Dy patil university , Pune . He lives in spiritual place Shirdi located in Maharashtra. He adores writing poems and short stories that not only revolve around one but also deal with numerous themes. He has participated in more than 50+ anthologies as a co-author, which not only helped him to get listed.

The best writers list but also garnered him an award, best author award , best writer award.

His natural style of writing attracts  his readers

As it is very relevant to them.

And according to the author, when someone starts resonating with your work that’s the greatest success for the author overall.


Behind all goody things is sheer hard work, similarly Priyanka Sangeeta Vishwakarma, Editor-In-Chief of Iconic Shakti Magazine and Founder of her advertising agency – 11:11 Advertixingzs, nailed her first ever award show that she organised on 24th July’2022 at Mayors Hall (Andheri). Immediately after it she was loaded with praises and immense compliments for doing it all alone like a boss lady and people assumed that it was only possible because of her strong advertising tactics, which is true but not many know that the main USP behind all the positive outcome of both her firms is “Spiritual Advertising”. Priyanka personally believes that advertising is a key to develop the branding of any product’s service, which creates a base to chase individual client but spiritual advertising creates a win-win situation for them where in you “attract” the clients rather than chasing them, the tagline of 11:11 Advertixingzs “Don’t chase your customers, attract them through “Spiritual Advertising” explains exactly about the same.


Mr. Omkar Sethi is a freelancer artist and resides in New Delhi. He has a podcast where he posts all his poetries,he has released his writings on some of the reputed and famous platforms like Apple Podcasts,JioSaavn,Spotify etc. He wants to be a lyricist in the Punjabi Music Industry. His achievements are:

He has contributed to many anthologies,his poetries have been published on Spain FM radio website, “radio-ecuador” and has released one content on their website. His Instagram id is: @officialmrsethi


Dr.  Rakhi Sharma is the Author of Paresha zulfon sa ishq. The original residence of Dr. Rakhi Sharma is in Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh. Rakhi Sharma ji is a Homoeopathic Medical Officer by profession.

Describing herself, she says that she is not a famous writer or a lover lost in love like Romeo’s Juliet, she just writes her emotions which hadn’t been expressed by her before.

She says the most beautiful way to express your emotions is to write them whenever life gives you pain “BE POETIC NOT PATHETIC”.

 After publishing her articles in eight poetry collections till now, “Pareshan Zulfon Sa Ishq.. Bas Itna Hi” is the first published book of her poetry collection.

Book available on amazon

 Insta id – dr_rakhi_sharma

 Facebook url – url –

 Email I’d –


Charmila hails from a small town in Visakhapatnam. She is an ex-Software professional and an ex-Hr professional.Author ,writer, Content writer and an artist by passion. Charmila’s love for literature, art and passion for writing made her pen down her amazing debut fictional book ‘The Darkness In Her Life’. Her thoughts in the story would make you feel like the characters inside. She has co-authored 38 anthologies so far and has compiled two books ‘Mysterious Me’ & ‘Secret Soul’. She has been awarded the Writer of the year 2021 from Forever Book of World Records. She has been awarded with the Sylvia Plath Literature Award 2021 and has been recognized as Top 10 poets from Elite Book Awards.

She is the founder of AR Publications.Writing is such a beautiful and strong weapon to add your thoughts to the world of people. This publication is an outcome of such thoughts that glitched me over a period. My dad’s love for literature and writing was even inculcated in me at a very small age. So to keep my dad’s presence forever I started this publication named AR Publications. I strongly believe that words are more powerful than weapons. So Bringing the budding and hidden writers to the world of reality and giving life to their writings is the soul aim of our publications. I promise that I would encourage, share and bring more talented and upcoming authors , writers and literature enthusiasts to the world of people.

“ What words can govern daggers cannot “

To travel more into my writing journey please follow me here

Instagram Id: @charmila_writings

FACEBOOK page: Charmila Writings


Official publication IG handle: @ar_publications


Harshitaa Chauhan Verma is an author and poetess. She has published her articles, write ups and poetries in more than 100 anthologies. She lives in Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh India. She is a very down to earth person and is always open to help anyone in need. This makes her persona even more receptive and charismatic. She has received many awards for her charity works which is moreover her natural behaviour. She is a prolific writer and has gained intense popularity among masses in a short span with her hopeful and spirited writings. She is an Educationist, Dramatist, Writer, Poetess, Social Worker as well as a Women Entrepreneur.

Harshitaa Verma’s

Profession : Educator


Author of the boom Rhymes of life,

Short story writer,

Poet in 250 anthologies available on amazon- flipkart

Social worker, –  anti leather campaign, save trees,  sustainability,

Women , Child and Animal rights.

Winner of Marathon 2019

Indie Royal Pride of India 2019

Indie Royal Brand Ambassador 2019

Awardee of Pride of India by Mahila Prashikshan Santhan As we give you her work, hope you enjoy rippling in her ink with thoughts waving you to comfort through her manifold writing which unfolds with each line you read. Wishing her huge success in life.

The Top 9 Exceptional Personalities of The Globe are

  • Pinki Khandelwal
  • Sneha Jain
  • Sankalp Mirani
  • Sumit Sharma
  • Priyanka SV
  • Omkar Sethi
  • Rakhi Sharma
  • Charmila Sanjeev
  • Harshitaa Chauhan Verma

We wish that these personalities achieve great heights in the coming time.