Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited – A perfect destination is providing Tizzy Mail @ just Rs. 100/user/year for 5 GB Mailbox.

Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited, founded in 2018, has come up with the lowest price in the history of the Cloud Business Email Hosting Industry, Tizzy Mail, which costs just Rs. 100 per user per year for a 5 GB mailbox. With the speed and security of Tizzy Mail, which is accepted and experienced by thousands of its delighted email users, it stood tall as one of India’s best Cloud Business Email Hosting Service Provider firms. In fact, in today’s world, reliable email functionality is critical, and Tizzy Mail continues to set the bar for personal and business email accounts as one of India’s fastest and most secure cloud business email hosting services, allowing you to stay organized, communicate efficiently, and run your business smoothly.

Cloud email, without a doubt, has the functionality of sending, receiving, and storing email. The enhanced security and reduced maintenance set it apart from the competition, and it has become the new gold standard. The advantages of using cloud email, like other cloud services, are most typically realized in lower costs and better operational efficiency. However, there are numerous advantages to using cloud-based business Email hosting, including Multi-Layer Security, Encrypted Data Storage, Email Send/Receive or SYNC speed is much faster, up to 50 GB Mail Storage Capacity, up to 50 MB File Attachment allowed, 30 Days Backup and Restore facility, ZERO DNS errors/warnings, Easy setup on any email application on a desktop or mobile device, and Fast IMAP Mail SYNC Speed even for 25 GB + Mailbox.

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Claim to Fame – Tizzy Cloud Computing Pvt Ltd

  • Tizzy Mail’s longstanding and proven track record sets them apart from the crowd.
  • The lowest price in the history of the Cloud Business Email Hosting Industry, Tizzy Mail is provided @ just Rs. 100/user/year for 5 GB Mailbox.
  • Quick service activation, setup, and easy migration of emails from the old server.
  • There have been almost no complaints, and there has been no need for technical assistance.
  • White Labelled solution for IT companies to offer Tizzy Mail as a service to their clients.

Services Provided – Tizzy Cloud Computing Pvt Ltd

  • Webmail
  • Spam and Antivirus
  • Security

Needless to say, email is one of the most essential services provided by IT for most businesses, and handling email on on-premise servers and shared hosting platforms has traditionally been the default choice for most businesses. Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited has onboarded thousands of clients to cloud-based email in the last three years, where they send and receive emails every second. Every month, their user-friendly control panel generates new email users. 

Windows cloud hosting brings several perks to the business, and its significance cannot be overlooked by companies as it helps to streamline business operations in a better-sophisticated manner. To figure out which is best for you, Tizzy cloud business hosting serves as the most advanced cloud computing windows infrastructure with Plesk as a control panel to administer services located in Mumbai as its Datacenter location. 

Tizzy cloud business hosting allows the company to keep its service fast and secure with access to the best resources. The most admirable aspect about using a Tizzy cloud solution is that it guarantees better performance than using an on-site server for the same work. Business performance is vital for all firms, whether small, medium, or large, and each one strives to improve it further.

Email is critical to your business, and choosing an email provider is essential. Your email host will handle the majority of the technical details, such as allowing you to send mail from your domain, filtering for spam and phishing scams, and storing files, among other things. Tizzy mail users will not have to worry about issues such as delayed emails or not receiving incoming emails, spam mail issues, IP blacklisting, DNS-related issues, Email spoofing, or late backup or restore because their plans are designed to address these typical problems.

Visit to learn more – https://www.tizzycloud.com