The Story of Mr. Sudam Pawar & Mrs. Shital Pawar – Founders of MRS DigiudyogPvt Ltd

From a Housekeeper to a machine operator to an engineer to a professional entrepreneur. The journey behind that was very tough, very painful. It is straightforward to talk about starting a company, but it takes a lot of struggle & hard work to get it up and running. A live example of Digiudyog was founded by Mr. Sudam Pawar and Mrs.  Shital Pawar.

Mr. Sudam Pawar and Mrs. Shital Pawar both are Husbands& Wife from the rural area (Jambhora, Dist. Buldhana, Maharashtra), Sudam Pawar has completed his engineering degree from Mumbai University and Shital Pawar has done her MA in Economics from Aurangabad University.

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After completing his degree in 2013, Sudam Pawar started working in the industry but he was not eager to work in any company. Somehow, he kept his job, always thinking about how to do business and what to do, always waiting for an opportunity, and there came a moment that Sudam Pawar was eagerly awaiting. The period of 2020 (Corona) was a big crisis for some and it brought an opportunity for others, and taking this opportunity, Sudam Pawar resigned from his job and returned home without thinking about anything. In 2020, he started a small firm called Sudam Digital, and gradually a few months later he started a new company called MRS DIGIUDYOG (P). L.

The young, self-motivated, leader with great management and strengthen managing team in his company, result-driven, insights into the organization, and resourceful managing director with a proven ability. Mr. Sudam Pawar is genuine with his work which is experienced by 250 clients to date in his working experience. His wife Mrs. Shital Pawar also helped him run the company. Today the company provides its services in different areas across the Country.

Digital Marketing

Web Development

Digital Marketing Training

Advertisement Marketplace

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It is now offering a wide variety of services to every entrepreneur.

Sudam Pawar and Shital Pawar never thought in their lives that the company they set up could go in front of the biggest investors in India. Sudam Pawar has always said, “I have started this company only and only to break the chain of poverty, to provide quality digital services at reasonable prices and employment it is the duty of me and my company”

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Cell : +91 8956969556