The most awaited Hindi Web Series is out now featuring the Dazzling Doodhani Poonawala

Former Miss Mumbai 2020, Marathi Web Series starrer and a very talented model and actress Doodhani Poonawala is yet again bringing something sizzling to the screens with her upcoming role in the Tamil Web Series. Let’s find out more about her.

[19-11-2022, Delhi]

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Doodhani Poonawala now needs no introduction as her fame is rising above her name. The model is now shifting gears and running her career at the highest speed possible. After featuring in the very successful Marathi Web Series Doodhani Poonawala is starring in an upcoming Tamil Web Series.

Winning pageant Miss Mumbai 2020 gave her immense confidence and trust over her skills as an actor and model. She says “It has been a bizarre adventure. It gave me values to live by. It gave me lessons in patience, responsibility, discipline, and punctuality. Most significantly, I made lifelong friends.”

The stunning lady is renowned for her expressive eyes and stunning smile. Her gorgeous physique and golden hair make her a delight in front of the camera. She flaunts her wheatish Indian skin tone, which exudes an exotic Asian atmosphere. The model is seen to pull it off whether the image is of a typical Indian girl or a glossy fashionista. Her professional, sincere, and honest behaviour show how much she values her job. She has a solid reputation for professionalism in the field, and her employees continually appreciate her optimistic approach.

Doodhani Poonawala’s Achievements

Former Miss Mumbai 2020

Done various Print Shoots (Night wear, Saree etc.)

Featured in Marathi Web Series.

She is an innovative model who is not afraid to push herself and can easily adjust to various situations and looks. The creative idea you have must be seen with as little judgement and as much curiosity as possible because every assignment is unique. Doodhani Poonawala uses her acting skills in modelling too, she creates a character in her head and then performs that character on camera. The pictures receive an unexpected new dimension, a very human level of connection.

Doodhani Poonawala enjoys dressing up. She herself is very knowledgeable about fashion. It goes without saying that everyone who works in the fashion sector must also enjoy fashion. Why else would you join fashion industry otherwise? A model that understands fashion can modify their posing to match the trend. A model with a strong sense of style can change their personality to fit the clothes. Doodhani Poonawala does exactly that which makes her one of the best model right now.

The young Model and actor has just begun her career and started achieving milestones. She is ambitious and brave which is a must have in this entertainment industry to sustain. The model is

skilled at using her best angles and framing a shot to draw attention away from herself and toward the product she is supporting. Her exceptional sense of style frequently sticks out in a crowd, making her an excellent candidate for upcoming music videos and modelling assignments.