Sukhmay Foundation – Noida-based NGO with a far-sighted vision to uplift the underprivileged society

Sukhmay Foundation was founded as a Promethean organization with the goals of eradicating hunger, and illiteracy, providing for medical needs, and preserving the environment. It was founded in 2019 by Mr. Harsh Vardhan, who had the intuition to envision a society where the less fortunate receive an education, food, appropriate healthcare, respect, and dignity.

Founder and the President of Sukhmay Foundation Harsh Vardhan says “In order to address various segments, our foundation works to achieve targeted actions in each one. We want to create a society where everyone, especially the less fortunate, has access to all the basic necessities of life. Everybody has the right to opportunities, and it is our mission to offer the right opportunities to the right person at the right moment.

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<strong>Sukhmay Foundation – Noida-based NGO with a far-sighted vision to uplift the underprivileged society</strong>

Needless to mention, India’s underprivileged children yearn for assistance as they are deprived of their right to emotional, physical, and social growth and are more prone to suffer from despair, low self-esteem, and a lack of sleep and nutrition. Lack of education and poverty are unquestionably two of the main contributors to this situation. A child born to a poor parent will also be completely exposed to starvation, illnesses, poor living circumstances, poor sanitation, and many other difficulties. There is no denying of the fact that many of us are ones blessed with the privilege but what about the other part of the population who still struggle to make a living? This is where Harsh Vardhan through his social initiatives established Sukhmay Foundation to bring about a change in society.

The other initiatives carried out by Sukhmay Foundation are Plantation activities at various places like societies, schools, corporates, and those land where the plants can be flourished trees, free health check-up camps, Clothes distribution, Free Education to underprivileged children, and Free food distribution.

Alongside, Sukhmay foundation is working to empower women and girls by providing them with various opportunities one of which is Stitching classes so that women can present a path for themselves to close the pay gap and become their own bosses. Sukhmay Foundation has also organized free covid vaccination camps in association with CII foundation and Kailash Hospital at various localities of Noida.

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