Singer Prabhjot Virmani adds another glory with his single ‘Range Balliye’

Singer Prabhjot Virmani is climbing the ladder of success with his super hit songs. Fans of his first single 2 Piece have been waiting on tenterhooks for Prabhjot Virmani’s new song, and he delivers yet another strong hit with Range Balliye. A power-packed Punjabi hip-hop number, Range Balliye has left all feeling both upbeat and uplifted. On hearing this song no one can deny that Prabhjot clearly has music in his blood, and in his soul. At almost 16 years old, he is a relatively new entrant on the Punjabi hip-hop scene, but you will be in awe of his skill, and his deft vocals that belie his years.

The song has a well-paced beat, expertly composed by Vibhas, and Prabhjot has brought Mavie Ganjogadia’s passionate lyrics to life with his sublime voice. It has been released under the Platear Studios label, and produced by Dheeraj Virmani. You’ll also enjoy the music video immensely, which is directed by Dinesh Soi’s Team DS Creations™️. Akshit Sukhija and Sonia Verma set the screen on fire with their blazing chemistry, and the video also features young Prabhjot delightedly cheering on their blooming romance in an idyllic Goan locale littered with trendy clubs and peaceful seaside views. He reminds you of the hip-hop greats as he lounges on a luxurious yacht while delivering the track with great aplomb.

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Prabhjot has shown a great deal of commitment to his pursuit of a career in music, and has undertaken to learn music production in Mumbai, having moved away from his hometown despite his young age. At the same time, he is working to master Indian classical vocal music, seeking to root his maturing voice in tradition and culture. Such resolve and diligence are rarely seen in someone of such few years. This same diligence, and his impressive confidence, has led him to give us another hit so soon after the success of his first song, 2 Piece, which came out just a month ago and already has over a million views on YouTube alone. Prabhjot is sure to keep entertaining us with his mellow and joyful notes, going from success to success as he grows and learns.

Released on Platear Studios YouTube channel on September 14, Range Balliye ticks all the boxes for a hip-hop hit, and will hook you from the start. It is a delightful, addictive track that makes you shimmy and sing along with its feel-good tune.