Role of Technology in Streamlining Commute Operations

The role of technology has steadily grown in our lives. And today, we cannot dispute our dependence on it. Technology is now in every sector, providing a reasonable, trustworthy, and convenient way to do things.

And employee commute operations are no exception. Technology has become an integral part of employee transport management by offering transport administrators an efficient way to manage commute operations.

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A robust employee commute operations system can pretty much handle it all. From identifying possible taxi routes and aiding on-time pick-ups to ensure employee safety and even generating audit-friendly bills.

And this makes it the ideal partner for every transport manager. To elaborate on what technology brings to the table, here, we discuss how technology helps streamline commute operations.

Five Ways in Which Technology Streamlines Commute Operations

  1. Optimises Costs

Technology helps companies optimize costs by coordinating and monitoring employee commuting needs and matching them with available vehicles. Its cost benefits are twofold.

Firstly, an employee commute operations system tracks the distance traveled by vehicles. This gives valuable insights into commuting routes and their management.

For instance, a vehicle is diverting for one employee and, in the process, adding unjustified time to the commute of others. This technology will be able to identify this and help plan a more efficient route.

Secondly, it eliminates the need to hire for the role. This technology reduces the company’s staffing costs. It helps by performing tasks such as coordinating employee requests, ascertaining the availability of vehicles, and planning shared commute routes.

Now, transport managers only come in, in case of emergencies, while technology manages the daily tasks.

  1. Risk Reduction

Technology reduces risks by monitoring employee commutes. By aiding live tracking of cabs, it allows transport managers to ascertain employee location instantly, ensuring their safety. 

Additionally, employee commute operation software also allows companies to upload driver data onto the platform and specify scoring metrics. If drivers flout any company rules or traffic regulations, transport managers get a notification to take appropriate action.

This helps flag potential risks and prevent future accidents.

  1. Improves Commute Management

Technology improves commute operation management by offering a centralized platform. It allows transport managers to stay on top of employee commute needs.

For instance, employee commute management software offers a single dashboard for efficient transport updates. Here, employees can raise transport requests and modify them. Employees will get notifications once the vehicle has been assigned.

Similarly, transport managers can use this platform to manage employee commute operations. They can share all transport-related information in one place. They can use it to broadcast transport announcements or advisories.

Further, they can contact employees individually or in teams. Finally, if transport managers need to access an employee’s past commute history, this technology will facilitate that as well.

  1. Facilitates Transparent Billing

Bill generation and their timely payment is another major struggle for transport administrators. After an employee completes their commute, they need to furnish the bills to the transport department. The latter then processes the request and issues reimbursements.

But this procedure is time-consuming and involves significant paperwork. But integrating technology into commute operations can tackle this.

An employee commute management system automatically generates an audit-friendly bill at the end of the trip. The employee as well as transport managers receive it for seamless processing.

  1. Generates Insights into Productivity

One of the most significant benefits of technology in commute operations is its ability to generate internal reports. 

Employee commute management software can generate reports and data to help the company understand employee trends. This further improves resource usage and commute operations. These include On-Time Arrival (OTA) reports, seat usage reports, financial reports, etc.

Further, this technology can generate customized reports as well. For instance, a transport manager needs the commute details for a department. They can simply add or remove the relevant tabs on the software and gain the necessary information.

Integrating technology into employee commute management allows transport managers to gain valuable insights into the state of company operations. 

Implement Employee Commute Software To Streamline Commute Operations

Technology is becoming increasingly crucial in streamlining commute operations. It helps in cost optimization, risk reduction, improved employee commute management, transparent billing, and report generation. These are all critical to driving transport management efficiency today.

But finding the right software for your company is easier said than done. From the cost-benefit ratio to the user interface, transport managers have to factor in a lot to find the best fit for their needs. And so, finding the best transport management partner can prove challenging.

But that was before MoveInSync.

MoveInSync offers a comprehensive employee commute solution that allows for seamless transport management. From live-tracking vehicles and suggesting optimum routes to ensuring driver compliance and audit-friendly internal reports- MoveInSync’s employee transport solution does it all. Further, their customers have reported a 10% decrease in overall costs. Trusted by companies like Amazon and Wipro, MoveInSync offers end-to-end SaaS-based solutions for streamlining commute operations. To know more, visit their website and book a demo today!