Regal Kitchen Foods became savior for injured destitute cows

Shri Shyam Gaushala in Marawala village at Baddi is no less than heaven for cows. The gaushala accommodates around 50 cows and bulls. These cows are those who were abandoned by their owners after they stopped giving milk. Many of these cows were injured when they were brought into the gaushala. Regal Kitchen Foods Ltd. (RKFL) since its inception incubated the gaushala with necessary amenities. RKFL is regularly providing essential feed for them that includes green and yellow fodder, jaggery, and essential veggies. Not only this the staff of RKFL regularly visits gaushala to serve the cows.

Recently, The Team of Regal Kitchen Foods visited this Shri Shyam Gaushala. These cows are fit, happy, and equipped with facilities. The reason behind it is the regular nutritious meal. During Shravan Lunar Month, Regal Kitchen Foods regularly sent nutrition enriched meals to these cows. The meal contains green grass fodder, yellow fodder, grains like wheat flour and rice, along with jaggery. This meal was fully nutritious for cows. This time the Team visited to see and feed cows with their own hands in their fully equipped habitat. The Team comprising 15 people from various departments spent gala time on the weekend.

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There are approximately 50+ cows and bulls in the Gaushala. The helpers and other workers there are selflessly involved in the care of these cattle. These helpers believe that they are happy and thankful to god for giving them a chance to nurse and serve cows. It is a noble cause. The committee at the Gaushala said Manish Madan, the founder, and CEO at Regal Kitchen Foods is helping and giving his full support to the Gaushala since its inception. He has adopted the Gaushala. His regular service and the way his staff is involved in these activities will surely give prosperous life to him and his staff.

Regal Kitchen Foods is regularly involved in social activities, as such actions impact positively at both the micro and macro levels. Right from Human Welfare to Environment Welfare, Regal Kitchen does such initiatives not just for the sake of duty but also to give us spiritual satisfaction. Regal Kitchen Foods is a manufacturing firm that manufactures ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook packaged food products and sells them across 11 countries including US, UK, and Canada. The manufacturing unit is based in Baddi while its other corporate staff is based in Delhi and Chandigarh. As per the sources, employees from the Chandigarh office came to the Baddi office to further visit the Gaushala for this noble cause.