Noida Crease Hunters won the first-ever T10 Tournament

Noida Crease Hunters Team, which played for T10 Grassroots Cricketers Association Uttar Pradesh, won the first-ever T10 tournament named – T10 Blast of Hidden Stars 2021 organized by TTEN GRASSROOTS CRICKETERS ASSOCIATION, India in VVIP Ground, Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh), where 9 State Teams played for one championship Trophy and cash prize. 

Noida Crease Hunters, who were seen in Yellow Jersey, were unbeaten throughout the tournament. The players outclassed everyone in the match. The Team was owned by Mr Himanshu Sethi (Who runs T10 Grassroots Cricketers Association, Uttar Pradesh), affiliated with T10 Grassroots Cricketers Association, India, Co-Founded by Mr Tappan Sarkar, Mr Satyam Aggarwal, Mr Himalaya Sharma, and supported by Mr Puneet Sharma. 

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This Team broke various records and formed some new ones too, to name some are: NCH Team made 100+ scores three times in 10 over’s or even in less no of over’s and no other team could reach to this magical figures even once. Noida Crease Hunter Bowlers took the only Hat-Trick in the series, which came in the Final Match against Rajasthan by Mr Naval Kishore Sharma. Noida Crease Hunters won the Winning Trophy (Captain – Mr Gaurav Chitkara) and Cash Prize. Out of 5 Man of the Match Trophies to this Team 2 was won by Mr Azam Khan, one each by Mr Gaurav Chitkara, Mr Naval Kishore Sharma and Mr Rajesh, Best Batsmen of the Tournament (Mr Azam Khan) and the Best Bowler of the Tournament in the series (Mr Naval Kishore Sharma). 

Noida Crease Hunters beaten Rajasthan Team Twice (one in group stage and other in Finals), Nepal Team (defeated them in Group Stage), Delhi Team (beaten them in Quarter Finals), Maharashtra Team (beaten them in Semi-Finals), Rajasthan Team (beaten them again in Finals). 

The Team: Noida Crease Hunters was supported by various organizations, people, and celebrities. To name few of them are: Mr Vikrant Anand (Bollywood Actor), Mr Amit Mutreja (Bollywood Singer), Mr Sohit Soni (Comedian / Bollywood Actor), Mr Keshav Sachin Choudhary (Bollywood Actor), Ms Khushi Anand (Bollywood & Tamil Industry Actress), Ms Anjali (Bollywood Actress Cum Model), Ms Richa (Bollywood Actress Cum Model), Ms Jyoti Pancholi (Bollywood Actress Cum Model), Ms Saru Sharma (Bollywood Actress Cum Model), Ms Chandani (Bollywood Actress Cum Model).

Some of the Entrepreneur and Companies that Supported Noida Crease Hunters in the tournament were: Mr Ajay Gautam & Vijay Gautam (G&G Associates), Ms Anila Bansal (Pehchan Faridabad), Mr Vinay Khatri & Mrs Geeta Khatri (Safeit Healthcare), Mr Pawan Kumar Gupta (Director & Chairman – D.C Model School, Faridabad), Mr Sahil (AJX Clothing) – Merchandise Partner, Mr Gaurav Chitkara (Sunny Sports), Mr Ssandeep Mitra (Redd Ribbons), Mrs Priyanka Sethi (Heypeeps Entertainments Pvt. Ltd), Mr Akash Deep Shrivastava (Star India Radio), Mr Mahesh Babu (Net Prime). 

The event was telecasted live on Set Sports TV and was one of the most successful events in cricket to date. The main focus of the event was to promote the grassroots level of cricketers. In November this year, the next leg of the tournament will start, which will be bigger than this. All the players who wish to play in the next event can contact respective state partners.  

On the final day of the event, the Launching of the next event took place named T10 Indian Dominator Cup, 2021, whose selection process will be starting soon, and newly elected President of the T10 Grassroots Cricketers Association of India, Mr Mukesh Sharma, witnessed the same along with other dignitaries in the VVIP Ground, Ghaziabad. Various dignitaries present to witness the Final match between Uttar Pradesh’s – Noida Crease Hunters and Rajasthan were: Mr Vibhor TyagiMr Mukesh SharmaMr Rahul Gautam (Asst. Commissioner of Income Tax, Ghaziabad), Mr Manish Arora (State Vice President – Lok Jan Shakti Party), Mr Pritpal Khosla (President – Maharana Pratap Sena, UP), Ms Monika Aggarwal and Mr Rahul TyagiMr Vinay Khatri and Geeta Khatri (Director – Safeit Healthcare), Mr Vaibhav Tyagi (Co-Founder of VVIP Group), Mr Himanshu Sethi (Owner – Noida Crease Hunters, T10GCAUP), Mr Naveen Tyagi, Commentary section was handled by Mr Ron, Umpiring was directed by Mr Rehman Khan and Team who are world-class umpires and did the fantabulous job in their umpiring and none of the team complaint regarding any of the decision made by them throughout the series. All the players who wish to play in the next event can contact respective state partners, out of which those who want to play for UP can contact Ms Priyanka Sethi & Mr Himanshu Sethi. WhatsApp your details on +91-8860194647.