Madhav Dadwe, a new age modern marketeer and founder of ‘Urban Hungry Media’, that has taken over the country with his concept of sustainable and low-cost marketing. In fact, he is one of the first few to develop and adopt structured influencer marketing for SMEs in central Asia. He started his start up ‘Urban Hungry Media’ after 4 years of experience in working with F&B, Hospitality and Service Industries.

This Diwali, our team approached him to capture a sneak peek about his journey and life, we asked him the following questions:

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Which type of marketing, according to your experience, creates a long-lasting impression on the youth?

When your target audience is, youth, it is definitely social media marketing that can lead to successful campaigns. In fact, social media and mobile phone devices play a multilevel important role when it comes to catering for the needs of the youth, per se. Everything comes handy; from buying groceries to booking a flight ticket, a phone has become an essential part of life. The best way to market your product or service, presently is by using applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Instagram, being one of the widely used platforms by the youth. It creates a long-lasting impact, not just on youth but anyone and everyone out there, there have to be indirect advertising which focuses on providing value.

As an advertiser how did you cope up with the side effects of the pandemic?

Initial phase, the first half of 2020 was the worst for us, but after a few relaxations were granted, and people tried their best to get back to the normal, or to say the, “the new-normal”. I would not say that the travelling or shopping that was done after the relaxation was same, and compensated the losses. I observed that a lot of businesses that were not doing well offline switched to online and the need for 360° marketing grew. When compared to offline marketing, online marketing is cost-effective, data-driven and impactful.

What is 360-degree marketing and how does Urban Hungry Media go about it?

As the name suggests, 360° marketing, as a 360° marketing company we provide each and every type of marketing and advertising service to our clients. Our team believes that if we don’t do it now, it will never be done. We are increasing our portfolio by researching the needs of the client, including online and offline. We are constantly evolving and we aim to become a one-stop solution to all marketing needs of a client by the last quarter of 2022.

How did you start your journey?

This is an interesting story, I’ll be honest– I consider myself to be a food enthusiast and social media Influencer. My journey of becoming a marketer began when I understood how influencers yield an intangible effect on their audience. It can indeed be weaponised and used in marketing to create a positive change. So, I crossed the spectrum and became a marketer. Influencers are always fortified and streamlined. What I felt is, a lot of big companies were not using influencers efficiently and felt the need of structuring it to make it result-oriented. In order to fill the void, I started my startup.

What are your thoughts regarding the replacement of the name of Facebook with Meta?

This is a significant change. I personally feel it is more than a replacement of name. Facebook needed a parent company. A similar thing was done by Google, a couple of years ago. Google changed the parent company as the services provided by them catered to several different audiences.

So, they came up with Alphabet as their parent company. Similarly, I sense that the portfolio of Facebook is increasing on a daily business. It had a server problem recently and was down for several hours which created havoc and losses to several businesses, not just to them but many others as well. In the upcoming days, making virtual reality its prime focus, Facebook renamed itself to Meta which means going beyond. Which also means that there will be multiple scope for marketer and digital asset market.

What is your current position and what is your role?

I am Madhav Dadwe, founder of Urban Hungry Media and I’ve worked as a marketer for many of companies in multiple cities, like Pune, Delhi and Mumbai. I strategise campaigns to match the requirements of the brand. Since it is a bootstrap startup, I manage the communication between my client and various company heads.

Do share a few insights about your personal life.

I am somebody, whom you’ll always find roaming around the kitchen and experimenting with food and drinks in my leisure. I like to brew and cook. I am a foodie and I have a page on Instagram where I upload about the experiments I do. I love to cook for my family and friends. I can also be found doing activities like playing cricket, football, and volleyball and gaming too. It indirectly also reflects on my professional life.

Our major clients right now are Uber moto, whizleague, Kadar Khan Sheesha Group and McDonalds. We are working with them on a couple of more projects in F&B and hospitality sector. In the past, we’ve worked with multiple companies like KFC, Pepsi, Mountain dew etc.

Madhav strongly believes that unstructured and unplanned advertisement is not going to yield desired results in a long run. “A company must adopt a value-driven and relatable marketing strategy like my favorite Zomato does to boost up sales and has a lasting impact.”

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