By Pradip Verma: Greetings, Leo. The year ahead is an opportune time to focus on property-related matters and stability. You can expect to achieve your goals in both your career and business. The initial months of the year will bring you success as you surpass your targets and improve your administration skills. Your leadership abilities will also be strengthened, and you’ll be able to work effectively to complete most of your tasks quickly. This will increase your productivity and bring you better offers, success, and harmony in your personal and professional relationships.

Moving into the second quarter from April to June, it is important to proceed cautiously and avoid mistakes at work. Be patient in financial matters and trust the process of recovery. You may experience a possibility of locational change and an increase in your resources and standard of living. Pay extra attention to your health as blood pressure and energy flow can be affected. Additionally, be alert in legal matters and prioritize your relationships.

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From July to September, the third quarter of the year will be marked by your personal efforts in keeping your work and business successful while improving your economy and maintaining balance. You will earn the trust of responsible people and remain influential in professional subjects. With an increase in resources, you will have the courage to keep your morale up and will emphasize smart working. You can expect an increase in your glory and must maintain your regular routine.

The fourth quarter from October to December requires sound advice in economic and commercial matters. Negative behavior and decisions can affect your work progress, so it is important to remain patient and balanced. Avoid making decisions in emotion and apprehension, be respectful to guests, and maintain living tolerance. Keeping faith in yourself and the future will be essential.

Regarding your health and family life, it is important to cooperate and maintain self-respect and a high standard of living. Avoid disobeying elders and watch for diseases related to the secretory and digestive systems. This year will be moderate for your health, so avoid stress and pressure. Take care of your loved ones and show nobility in tense disputes.

This year is an opportunity to fill new energy into your relationships. Keep your love relationship better and increase intimacy and trust among friends. Avoid negligence in academic subjects and follow your teachers’ advice. You can expect reasonable offers and auspicious coincidences of marriage until March-April. Increase dedication and cooperation.

Finally, in terms of spirituality, the year begins with a time to strengthen your psychology and soul. Maintain interest in chanting, meditation, and pranayama, and carry forward religious work. After April, you will experience an aura of spirituality that will help you maintain positivity and increase your connection with the divine.

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