How To Use SOCIAL WORK TO Desire, Learn it from Tanvir Beig

So today we are going to introduce a Kolkata-based social worker, who loves to help people who are in need. His name is Tanvir Beig. He was born on 26th November and was brought up in Kolkata. He is a social person who enjoys interacting with others and learning about their backgrounds , people find his company captivating as he can effortlessly connect with people. He is capable of easily adjusting to any circumstance. He is also a businessman owning the famous brand Tanvir Perfume (A non alcoholic customised perfume and attar ).

Not only Tanvir Beig but his family is also in social work and politics. He was influenced by his elder brother Lt. Mazhar Rabbani Beig who was a renouned politician and a social activist. He was respected and loved for his contribution and service towards the society.
To be very clear, he is now more actively involved in social work and politics. Tanvir is respected for his loving and helpful nature . He contributes to the betterment of the society on a daily basis. His commitment to social justice positively impacts the community.

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Tanvir Beig is a kind hearted person. He would love to end the corruption from the society through hard and sincere work. He would try his best to eradicate child labour and illiteracy from the society.
Talking about his plans, this young politician said his goal for the future is to help as many as those who are in need. To spread awareness regarding health and hygiene, education, justice, woman rights and spread awareness about socio-political conditions of the country. To educate people and bring them up from the backyard to the top.

Tanvir Beig credited his mentor Sri Sudip Bandyopadhyay (Lok Sabha North Kolkata MP Trinamool Congress) behind his success. Sri Sudip Bandhyopadhya ji is the biggest support of Tanvir Beig and also encourages him to achieve his goals.