Talking about menstruation in India still seems like a taboo due to lack of education and misguidance that has continued for generations and generations and even today, myths about menstruation float around as if they are the real facts.

At Floren not only do these myths get debunked but also millions of people get a chance to learn about the beauty of menstruation and understand that there is no shame in menstruating. They also gain knowledge about female hygiene and about how to make it sustainable.

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Sana Mittal, the founder of floren, completed her MBA from Punjab University after which she worked as a Marketing Head for five years and she also completed her course from IIM Calcutta in Marketing and Sales for an year where she excelled tremendously in marketing skills that helped her greatly to take floren where it stands today.


When Sana was completing her course from IIM Calcutta, she made various visits to the rural and semi-rural areas. She observed that millions of girls face discomfort during periods and that this adaptation from sanitary napkins to menstrual cup has to be brought about.



The brand’s main aim is promote the switch to menstrual cups because:

Firstly, one sanitary pad takes about 500 – 800 years to decompose because of the plastic that it contains, is not environmentally friendly and  poses health hazards as well.

Secondly, menstrual cups are extremely comfortable, cost effective and sustainable. Lastly, the brand prioritizes safety. Sanitary pads cause rashes, itchiness and dryness whereas a menstrual cup doesn’t harm the body at all nor does it harm the environment.

 In a survey conducted by floren, the team found that out of 60.47cr women in India, about 40cr women are menstruating and only 0.3 percent of women are using menstrual cups. That is approximately about 11 to 12 lakh women out of 40 cr women. This is why there was a need of menstrual cups in the market.

The brand understands the importance of switching to menstrual cups and has made it its priority to promote the change, but at the same time Floren has also taken it upon itself to spread awareness and education by conducting various seminars in colleges, breaking myths about female hygiene and organizing campaigns in rural and semi-rural areas with gynecologists. They also have a student partner programme to help them spread awareness at the root level all while helping these young minds by educating them as well.


Founded by Sana Mittal, this year in march, the research work for floren started in June 2021.The products offered by Floren include menstrual cups, intimate wash and oil, panty liners under the female hygiene department. In the grooming category they offer facial razors. Products like toilet seat covers and disposable urination devices are offered in the toilet hygiene category to make females feel comfortable when they travel.

The products at floren are researched and tested very rigorously and that is why the brand is India’s first Made Safe and Medicert certified menstrual cup.Its packaging is tremendous with both luxury and comfort kept in mind for its users. The cups are made of 100% medical grade silicone, are BPA free, FDA approved, SGS tested and reusable of course!

In an exclusive interview with the Founder of Floren, Sana mentioned, “The brand wholly focuses on hygiene and wellness and does not tend to shift in the cosmetic or skin care line and shall continue to focus on its customers hygiene and wellness goals”

The brand educates its audience through its social media platforms and even has educational blogs on its website.



The brand aims to build itself in the nutraceutical category too. Floren would not just offer its products, but also services like free gynecological consultations that would come along with it from the month.

So next time any female has any issue regarding female hygiene, floren is there for their optimum support and well-being.

Floren plans on getting into herbal teas and supplements while aiming to offer the best quality at affordable rates. 

From a .3 percent increase to 15 percent increase in the use of menstrual cups in the next two years can be seen at floren which would be a great number for the brand as they already have customers that have switched from pads to cups and their lives have changed in the best way possible.

 Floren now aims to cater about 1 cr+ female customers in next 2 years, the numbers may even increase from their estimate. Floren will continue to empower women to have a healthy relationship with their hygiene and body.sss