“Durr Khadi Kyu? Pass Tu Aaja” by Renowned Hip-Hop Artist KayVeeDee Will Be Out Soon

At the end of January 2023, KayVeeDee (KVD) will release his brand-new rap song, “Durr Khadi Kyu? Pass tu Aaja”. Once again, he has used the power of words to weave a tale from his own life that will make readers’ hearts race. The finishing touches are being made to this heartwarming song and will eventually lead to a swooning crush.
Kushan Vijayakumar Damodar, better known by his stage name KayVeeDee, was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. After that, he moved to Mumbai to graduate from VES College in Chembur. He began working in the IT industry after receiving his degree. He saw himself as the “black sheep” of the family because everyone else worked for the government and he was the only one in the private sector. He has been employed by the IT sector for more than 13 years, and on the weekends he transforms into KayVeeDee to live the life of his dreams. Two years ago, he began producing his own songs and releasing it to the world.
He is a quiet, introspective man who studies everything carefully but never speaks. He started jotting down his thoughts and feelings on paper in rhymes because, as an introvert, he could never convey them to anyone. He started interacting with the world through his songs when those lines unleashed his inner rapper. Therefore, during his commute to work, he began basing his thoughts exclusively on actual events he had witnessed or experienced himself. His most recent song, “Baccha-the Kid,” has received more than 60k views on YouTube and over 21k streams on Spotify. People are adoring the way he raps in this song about the intricacies of a parent-child relationship in a unique voice that is based on personal experience. His inspiration for this rap came from a mother whose conversation with her son about his marriage he overheard while traveling.
“I am extremely elated by the response my song has gotten,” he said, sharing his enthusiasm for “Baccha the Kid.” The inspiration for the song came to me one day, on the way to work, when I heard a mother speak to her son as if he were a child. From the conversation, it was clear that he is soon getting married. This made me wonder if ever the relationship between our parents and us changes, even when we get older.”
He himself thinks that overcoming obstacles makes people stronger and more successful. So, he still sees himself as a struggler who is fighting to achieve his aspirations. The most important thing he wants everyone to know is that they should work hard to attain their goals, but they shouldn’t do so at the expense of their families or their education. “I just want everyone to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams, but not at the cost of education and family,” says KayVeeDee. Be ready to listen to his brand-new song, “Durr Khadi Kyu?” Pass tu Aaja,” and you’ll fall in love with the way he communicates his feelings. You can listen to his upcoming songs and the ones that have already been released on his YouTube channel.

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