Dr. P. Yuvaraj Secured Arogya Ratna

Dr. P. Yuvaraj The founder and ceo of the company diets for cure, he is also  a national tennis player, international best selling author of 5 books, kung-fu international blackbelt holder and a famous dietitian from india. He have been received many national and dinternational awards in his field as an entrepurner and also as a dietitian. He have served the nation by helping the poor and many people who are suffering frm many health releated problems and diseases. He have cured almost 1000+ people who suffered from diabeties , thyroid and many health illnesses. He also changed many peoples lives with his famous books.

In the year 2022 on sepetember 14th he have been nominated for arogya ratna by constitution of india members. Arogya Ratna is a  national award which comes once in a 15 years.

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After 1 month of 20+ interviews and background verifiction about his services towards nation he got selected for the final round from central gov of India. There were around 300 deligates including doctors, surgens, scientists, out of 300 only 25 members have been awarded with arogya ratna out of whichh doctor yuvaraj is one of them. He is the one and only teenager who have received the award Arogya Ratna.

All the great scientists, doctors appreciated him and have been received 3.5 lakhs of donation for his foundation DietsForCure, as he is donating 40% of his income which is coming from his company , books, clients have been donating to the people not only In India but also all around the world who are suffering from malnutrition and many other diseases.