Crunchy Media Introduced Chati.Chat a WhatsApp Business Communication Platform for SMB’s

Crunchy Media Pvt Ltd, one of the leading digital marketing company based on Odisha, has released its WhatsApp Business API tool, CHATI. It is designed for small and big organizations that desire to apply WhatsApp with more than one users. It is an Omni channel base platform that allows join organizations to their customers.

Built on WhatsApp’s API, it helps small and large businesses personalize conversations with their customer base on a large scale. One can send personalized notifications from their system in a programmatic way through CHATI’s API.

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The company is an all-in-one business communication platform that provides several services. It uses the contact array to send the contact information of the business to the users, it provides a chatbot to assist users with FAQ. It also helps by sharing location information to enhance the delivery experience. It maintains complete security and privacy of the users. It is a one-stop solution for all business categories. It helps businesses connect to their customers via WhatsApp, Email, Telegram, SMS, and more. through the mobile marketing product.

Jitendra Samal and Satya Prakash, Co-Founders of Chati Chat said, “Our conversational AI platform is created to keep up with the always-changing customer demands to deliver quick, personalized support in a language and channel of their choice, at scale.” He further added, “Chati aims to provide more effective communication between businesses and its customer, globally, via WhatsApp. Here brands can get a holistic view of conversation with customers across teams which in turn helps in providing better user experience.

Furthermore are the underlining benefits of


With 24×7 Chatbot Support. Customize bot responses with text, images, videos, and audio. Reduce manual effort on recurring messages, no-brainer FAQs. Walk customers throw surveys,, request feedback, and grow customer database.


Broadcast the approved and personalized WhatsApp approved templates in huge volumes through Chati.Chat Schedule the broadcasts with Smart scheduler, automate reminders and recurring messages. Get hold of broadcast analytics in under minutes. 

Field Collection/Customer Profiling

Using tags, you can better profile customers for future upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Access the most up-to-date history of all interactions with the customer so that  teams to provide the appropriate solution. The WhatsApp Broadcast segmentation in Chati chat simplifies the process.

Shared Team Inbox  With the Multi agent workspace you can automate customer support and increase real-time responses. You can satisfy customers with quick responses and keyword-specific messages. You will have full access to customer chat history so your agent can collaborate with each other.