BUYZONE: An e-commerce platform lauded for its wide range of services of E-gift vouchers, products, and digital stores.

Wishing you an abundance of love and riches this Diwali. May, the festival burn out your problems and brighten up your life.

Founder of Buyzone & Brandzone, Mr Adhnesh Vij, wishes all our customers a happy & joyful Diwali.

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This festive season, we are having a blast, and we can’t thank you enough!

Once again, we are taking a moment to thank all our customers for showering us with so much love and support. We are thrilled to announce that this Diwali, we delivered over 15,000 products, and we sold 40,000 E-gift Vouchers. 

As evident, there has been a significant shift of customers from offline purchases to online purchases in recent times, along with the surge of online shopping. Besides, the taste of the customer’s choice has been shifted in terms of product preference and its loyalty. Undoubtedly, e-commerce platforms have been a significant escape for every business, irrespective of its size, thereby making itself chief support for all kinds of brands. Fundamentally, BUYZONE is an e-commerce venture that has extended its services to the customers across all kinds of products in all the categories with its rigid structure.

About us: After a decade of working in the Business to Business (B2B) sector, Brandzone wanted to share our expertise, experiences, and skills with the commoner. Hence, we are delighted & thrilled to introduce another vertical of Brandzone – BUYZONE!


  1. E-gift vouchers: At Buyzone, we have curated a wide range of e-gift vouchers on more than 150 top national & international brands. This service is available for both B2B and B2C, which means whether you are a corporate or an individual, we have exciting & valuable offers for both of you. These vouchers come directly from the brand itself. Hence, you benefit from offers & discounts instantly from the brand itself, which keeps changing daily. Whether you want to shop for fashionable clothing or have a travel plan, BUYZONE is the place for you. 

Our wide range of e-gift vouchers includes fashion clothing, electronics, travel, beauty products, groceries, and so much more.

  1. Products

There are numerous brands like Del Monte, Organic India, Cosco, Lakme, Sunsilk, and many more that don’t have the format of e-gift vouchers. To give direct benefits to the consumers, BUYZONE has partnered with them for product sales, where we provide customers with instant discounts while shopping online. Various platforms sell branded products at heavy discounts, but their authenticity is always in question. However, on BUYZONE, the products you buy are sold directly by the respective brand, clearing all confusion about product authenticity.

As the products are directly coming from the brand, the middlemen are removed from the chain, reducing the unnecessary additional expense you pay in the middle. That’s how a consumer ends up getting products on best deals. Once you place the order, you get instant shipment at your doorstep. Explore our product section and bring direct benefits.

  1. Digital stores

We all have an old-school soul in us who wants to touch and feel the product before buying. Buyzone brings digital stores to your city. Explore the ‘Digital Store’ section on the BUYZONE app and discover the nearest spot to your home. Our digital stores have a huge inventory. Therefore once you order products, you get instant home delivery. 

Another category of digital stores is Vending Machines. BUYZONE has collaborated with various corporates and retails to install 24×7 vending machines in their premises. This includes corporate offices, service centers, residential societies, gymnasiums, clubs, restaurants, and many more. 

FAQs – Frequently asked questions.

How can I buy e-gift vouchers?

It’s simple. Just download the BUYZONE app from your google play store or app store, go to the voucher section and select any brand you want to buy the voucher from. Add them to your cart and make the final payment. You will get the e-gift coupons in your inbox. Use the code at the time of purchase. 

How does BUYZONE get such discounts and offers on premium brands?

As the brand itself directly sells the products, the middlemen are removed from the chain, reducing the unnecessary additional expense you pay in the middle. That’s how a consumer ends up getting products on best deals.

What do we get on the BUYZONE app?

BUYZONE provides its users with deals, offers, coupons, and discounts across fashion, food, travel, beauty products, and entertainment sectors. Explore the app to know more.

“Download the BUYZONE App now and get exciting products of your choice on best deals.”