Book Review: Rhymes Of Life by Harshitaa Chauhan Verma

Rhymes of Life written by Harshitaa Chauhan Verma and published by Digital Golgappa is a collection of short poetries which are glimpses of poetess as she sees life through people around her.

The poetess gives examples from daily life experiences. She believes in different shades of life and has covered a variety of thoughts. Various attributes of social hierarchies, religion and occupation are highlighted with subtle touch of mock. Poverty, health, peace, nature being the strong forte where she puts emphasis that all people must desire to excel.

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Overall Verdict

Book: Money – Rhymes Of Life

Subtitle: Life is through people around you

Author: Harshitaa Chauhan Verma

Publisher: Digital Golgappa

ISBN: 978-9357017800

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 117

Rhymes of Life by Harshitaa Chauhan Verma is an extraordinary read for poem lovers. It is based on the life as seen by the poetess herself.

Now, coming on the book cover, it’s very well-designed. The title was well-suited and searched. The writing style of the author was rich and perfect. The illustrations were up to mark. The pace was good.

Overall, this must read book will definitely be recommended by Hindustan Metro. Harshitaa Chauhan Verma is a Delhi based Educationist, Dramatist, Writer, Poetess, Social Worker, Animal rights activist, owner of AVAV solution and foundation, as well as a Woman Entrepreneur. Thanks to All readers for reading her with passion and being a part of the charity and community help.

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