Book Review: INFERTILITY, IMPATIENCE, INTUITION by Rakhi Kapoor – A holistic guide for aspiring parents

The infertility treatment sector is growing and is undoubtedly an expensive affair. It does not guarantee immediate results and multiple attempts may be required. Medical intervention to conceive through various infertility treatments does not guarantee conception unless it is also backed up by a healthy lifestyle and reduced stress levels.

Most young couples are postponing starting a family later in their life. While they strive to strike a balance between their higher studies and financial stability, achieve their personal and professional goals, and strengthen their relationships to become parents, the biological clock keeps ticking. This leads to difficulty in conceiving and an increased infertility rate in young couples. The whole process of conception has become complicated and stressful instead of a joyous one. 

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From Rakhi Kapoor, a renowned physical therapist and antenatal counsellor with over two decades of experience in handling normal pregnancies, assisted pregnancies and pregnancies involving various risks this book will help couples who are planning a pregnancy or undergoing infertility treatment to increase the possibilities of conception.

The tips and advice in this book are practical and effective in today’s hectic life with increased stress levels.

Amazon Link: Infertility, Impatience and Intuition: A physical and mental guide for aspiring parents

Overall Verdict

Book: Infertility, Impatience, Intuition: A physical and mental guide for aspiring parents

Author: Rakhi Kapoor

Publisher: Notion Press

This book has addressed the issues of both ends of the spectrum. Newly wed couples who are postponing having a baby should read this book so that later it does not become difficult. Couples who are taking treatment for infertility can be highly benefitted by this book. It gives good amount of information and also mental support. Excellent book connecting all the dots.

About Rakhi Kapoor  

Rakhi Kapoor is the recipient of the Prestigious Golden Book Awards 2023 for her 25 th book Now You Breathe – overcoming toxic relationships and abuse in the category power relationship guide

A Bengali by birth, she is a renowned physiotherapist, entrepreneur and author.

Rakhi published her first book, “The Girl Who Was Left Behind” in 2017 – a story that was transcribed from her personal experience having failed to complete her first trek in Nepal.

Nicknamed serial author by her publishing team, Rakhi has published twenty five books on various topics providing simple solutions for several issues relating to childbirth, relationships, mental health issues and several complicated and often neglected aspects of life. Four of her books topped the best seller chart in its category on Amazon India.

Her book Expecting Daddy Delivers is the first of its kind written for Indian men and has been translated in to Hindi titled Behtar Pati Behatareen Pita.

Rakhi is the pioneer in the concept of prenatal counselling in India. With over two decades of experiences, she has reached out to thousands of couples through her centre called Dwi Maternity Studio in Chennai which focuses on prenatal care for young expecting couples. Rakhi is an avid trekker, as much as Rakhi loves staying indoors engrossed in writing she also loves to explore nature travelling extensively and trekking mountains in various parts of the world. Some of the iconic treks she has completed are Mt Fuji, The Everest base camp, Annapurna Circuit, and Mount Kilimanjaro. Rakhi believes that challenges and difficult circumstances are opportunities in disguise to grow in life.

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