Biomentors founder ‘Dr. Geetendra Singh’ gets recognition for his contributions to education sector

Recently, Dr. Geetendra Singh, the Founder and CEO of Biomentors Online was given an honorary award for changing the paradigm of education through technology at the Silver Jubilee Meet of the 1996 MBBS batch. The event was held from October 14, 2022 to October 16, 2022 at the Gandhi Medical College Bhopal and Jahan Numa Palace Bhopal. The purpose of this event was to help the batch of 1996 meet their fellow mates so that they can share their new journey with each other and even share their expertise in different medical sciences while cherishing the old memories as well.

At the event, a few of Dr. Geetendra Singh’s medical professors especially appreciated his significant contributions to making the education sector better. They admired how swiftly Dr Geetendra equipped himself with digitalisation and started Biomentors Online to produce high quality NEET Coaching while ensuring that it even reaches those students who are not so well financially. Along with Dr. Geetendra Singh, a few other students of batch 1996 were also appreciated and were honoured for their exceptional contribution. Dr. Amandeep Singh Kapoor (IPS 2007 batch, Rajasthan Cadre) was given an honour for excellent work in policing and medicolegal aspects, Dr. Shankar Prinja was recognised for his contributions to the National Health Mission and Dr. Yogesh Pandagre (MLA) got an honourable mention for diligently serving people. The event had various functions including a ghazal night, a felicitation ceremony, a gala dinner and an entertainment event.

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While expressing his gratitude, Dr. Geetendra Singh stated, “Honestly, words cannot describe what I truly am feeling at the moment. Getting recognition among the people who were with me at the beginning of my journey feels so good. Even when my professors appreciated me, I felt that I am doing the right thing. When I started Biomentors Online, I had no idea that it would reach such great heights. Now in the near future I also aim at easing up the NEET coaching with new cutting-edge teaching methodologies and I desire to give more and more talented yet underprivileged students a chance to shine.”

Dr. Geetendra Singh is a diabetologist and a teacher as well. He always had a strong passion for teaching and therefore, he eventually incepted Biomentors Online. Though the journey was a little bit difficult in the beginning but eventually things got better and the student base started to grow. Initially, he invested just 17,000 and worked as a one-man army. However, now the team has expanded to a total of 143 members. Each of the teachers there teaches students with full dedication and aims to help them get on the right track.

More than 14000 students who studied with Biomentors Online have so far got admission into prestigious medical schools. This is due to the fact that the EdTech platform, under the capable leadership of Dr Geetendra Singh, never treats students like clients and always maintains transparency with them. The Biomentors Online team is excited to start an offline centre for Biomentors students also in the coming time in order to uphold their motto, ‘education for all, without quality fall’. Dr. Geetendra Singh intends to keep working to increase the prominence of Biomentors Online in the sector of education.