“Beyond The Father” by Opëshum: A Fantasy Fiction Delight for Indian Amazon Kindle Readers

Opëshum’s latest book, “Beyond the Father,” is causing a stir in the literary world as it sets the stage for a thrilling new sci-fi series entitled “gods on Trial: The Series™.” The novel delves into the theme of overcoming limitations and takes place on the planet Xżyber, where the inhabitants of the Sub-Median Region, who are imperfectly reborn as metal beings, oppress their organic counterparts.

The story also explores the Central Kingdom, where the ruling class uses religion to justify their brutal subjugation of the lower classes. As the threat of war over scarce resources looms and revolution simmers in each region, the existence of the eccentric god who created them all goes unnoticed. This deity observes, engages in thought-provoking conversations with his astute companion, and occasionally learns from his observations, but rarely intervenes.

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Despite the many obstacles and struggles that distract the characters from a far greater threat, Prince Anglid’s vision quest into the unexplored Area X may ultimately change everything. However, just when readers think they have the story figured out, Opëshum throws in another unexpected twist.

Critics and fans alike are praising the book’s imaginative world-building and intricate plot, as well as Opëshum’s writing style, which is said to be gripping and suspenseful. The novel addresses important themes such as oppression, revolution, and power dynamics, making it a thought-provoking read for sci-fi enthusiasts.

In addition to the book’s compelling narrative, the promise of a larger sci-fi series has generated excitement among fans of the genre. The potential for further exploration of the complex and intriguing world created by Opëshum has sparked discussions and debates among readers, who are eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series.

Overall, Opëshum’s “Beyond the Father” is a compelling and engaging read that has captured the attention of the media and readers alike. Its thought-provoking themes, intricate plot, and imaginative world-building have cemented it as a must-read for sci-fi fans, and the promise of a larger series has only increased the hype surrounding it.

Who is Opëshum?

Opëshum has been writing stories since her childhood and has a unique perspective on the creative process. She believes that characters choose their writers to share their stories with the world. Despite her talent, Opëshum prefers not to be in the public eye and therefore does not make any public appearances. Instead, she prefers to let her characters be the center of attention while she remains behind the scenes. Her latest work, the 8-book science fiction series called Gods on Trial: The Series™, begins with the first book called BEYOND THE FATHER.

Opëshum currently resides in Sheridan, Wyoming, where she is working on the second book in the series. She is a lover of nature and enjoys taking walks, admiring the full moon, and stargazing in open spaces.

Hindustan Metro Book Review Of Beyond The Father Book 1 by Opëshum  

“Beyond the Father” is the first book in the eight-book series “Gods on Trial” and sets the foundation for the upcoming novels. The story is set in the world of Xżyber, which is geographically divided into four regions and inhabited by two species: Mollards and non-Mollards. The book explores the differences and rivalries between the two species as they struggle to secure their future.

The central characters of the story are King Thio and Queen Evaline, who rule the Central Kingdom. The planet is vulnerable to storms that affect the non-Mollards more than the Mollards. The shortage of Teal oil has caused revolts and invasion from the sub-median region, and there is a possible attack from the North. The story explores how the Xżyberians will deal with the challenges they face.

The book also delves into the theme of faith and gods. The Xżyberians hold their faith in Plebony, but the gods’ veracity is at stake as things are not materializing for many. Flexix vs. Plebony is another story in the novel about choosing faith and god correctly.

The book is complex, intriguing, and highly readable with an optimum dose of philosophy on various aspects of life. The author’s lucid and controlled narration makes it a wonderful read in its essential genre. The story has multiple points of view and narration arteries, but it moves at a measured pace. The story has surprises that may throw the readers off guard, making it an exciting read. Overall, “Beyond the Father” sets the stage for an engaging series, and readers will eagerly await the next books in the series.

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The book has gained popularity among Amazon Kindle readers in India, which may lead the author to consider releasing a Hindi translation for Indian readers in the near future.