Author Sarina Pasricha talks about neologism by the feminists in her book “Her Story- My Body is a Holocaust”

Author Sarina Pasricha is a published Author and writer of two books “Her Story- My Body is a Holocaust” and “Soccer Mom- A children’s story”. Besides being an author, Sarina is a skilled communicator and editor with a background in marketing strategy. Author Sarina Pasricha, who is presently based in New Delhi, India, is best known for her concise and creative technical writing. She is a prolific blogger with more than 50 newspaper articles to her credit.

Her book “Her Story – My Body is a Holocaust” is a neologism by feminists in response to traditional historiography. It refers to history written from the female perspective. This perspective incorporates the context of authenticity and existentialism which echo the themes of self-identity, individuality, death, anxiety, and meaning.

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Needless to say, female writers have undoubtedly made substantial contributions to posing important topics and affecting social change in the realm of literature. Author Sarina Pasricha is one such author who prioritized the concept of existentialism with the importance of experiences like anxiety and existential guilt in her book “Her Story- My Body is a Holocaust” as it reveals basic truths about our own condition as humans. Indeed, Authenticity suggests the idea of being true to yourself of owning up to who you really are. She chose to write those pages that she calls Herstory.

Sarina Pasricha, the author, has a unique way of thinking, a pleasant personality, a good sense of humor, and the ability to pay attention to detail while keeping the big picture in mind. Author Sarina Pasricha specializes in writing, editing, change management, coaching, training management, and training delivery for Fortune 500 companies. She is great at interacting with people at all levels of the organization and is at ease with high levels of responsibility.

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