A shocking update on Sanjha Sufna; Diya’s marriage gets fixed

When Araj finds out that Diya’s parents have arranged her wedding, he loses all motivation to train Diya and win the State Badminton Championship.

Diya must overcome one more significant challenge that could change her course of action. The wedding preparations for Diya may lower Araj’s hopes in today’s episode, the decision of Diya’s parents has forced Araj to ask Diya whether she will stand up to her parents and call off her wedding to continue her training or she will dump her ambitions. Araj does not want to waste his time training her for State Championship if ultimately Diya has to get married.

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What are Diya’s thoughts about her future? Will she really agree with her parents and dump her ambitions? All the questions will be answered in today’s episode of Sanjha Sufna at 7 PM only on Zee Punjabi.