5 Best Indian Authors And Their Books In English – 2023 updated list

Step into the world of literary brilliance with the 2023 updated list of the 5 Best Indian Authors And Their Books In English, each a master of words. From the insightful works of Dr. Sheetal Nair to the enchanting poetry by Neelam Saxena Chandra, the captivating writings of young Manya Harsha, the impeccable storytelling of Suchandra Roychowdhury, and the international bestsellers by Abhishek Kapoor – these authors surely are the 5 best current Indian Authors.

5 Best Indian Authors – 2023 updated list are

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  • Dr. Sheetal Nair
  • Neelam Saxena Chandra
  • Manya Harsha
  • Suchandra Roychowdhury
  • Abhishek Kapoor

Let us know about each of our 5 best Indian Authors in brief.

DR. SHEETAL NAIR –  A Trailblazer in Education, Entrepreneurship, and Social Impact

Dr. Sheetal Nair stands as an exceptional figure, a true Trailblazer in Education, Entrepreneurship, and Social Impact.  A prolific speaker and writer, Dr. Sheetal Nair’s insights have graced numerous national and international media platforms. In 2020, he authored his debut book, “The Midas Touch,” which swiftly soared to become an “Amazon Bestseller.” This accomplishment paved the way for a significant literary achievement – a three-book deal with Flipping Pages, resulting in two additional bestsellers: “The Monk’s Secret” and “The Subtle Art of Not Thinking.”

Dr. Nair’s academic contributions stand equally impressive, exemplified by his creation of two management textbooks – “Communication Skills” and “Human Resource Management” – which draw from his extensive experiences within the education sector. His pioneering spirit is underscored by his patent and intellectual property rights for “Big Data in PMS.”

Dr. Sheetal Nair’s remarkable achievements captured the industry’s attention when he assumed the role of Vice President of the sector skilling council at NSDC. A genuine trailblazer, he became the youngest individual to hold such a prominent position, standing out as the sole Indian possessing a Doctorate in Training & Development. His dedication to learning knew no bounds, he has acquired knowledge & skills from premier institutes like IIMC, Harvard & John Hopkins.

Beyond his scholarly and entrepreneurial feats, Dr. Sheetal Nair has garnered a plethora of accolades. He has graced the TED stage three times, commanding a substantial social media following surpassing a million devotees. In 2023, his excellence was validated by the coveted APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Excellence. Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman, the Minister of Finance & Corporate Affairs of the Government of India, aptly designated him as the No.1 Entrepreneur to watch in 2023. Additionally, he proudly lays claim to the 2022 Gujarat Icon Award and the Badge of Honour bestowed by the ADG Law & Order, Gujarat, in 2021.

Dr. Sheetal Nair’s journey serves as an embodiment of dedication, innovation, and philanthropy. His multifaceted accomplishments reverberate as a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, educators, and change-makers on a global scale.

NEELAM SAXENA CHANDRA – An Award-Winning Author Whose Words Are Pure Magic!

“Writing is a passion I was born with. It’s like meditation for me and it gives me the nectar drops of motivation,” says Neelam Saxena Chandra. Her latest English poetry book “The Lost Mint Taste” has fetched splendid reviews and has been a bestseller, a fact that brings a smile on her face.

Neelam has authored 6 novels and 9 short story collections, 40 poetry collections and 15 childrens’ books to her credit. She is a bilingual writer, writing in English and Hindi. She holds three records with the Limca Book of Records. She has won a prize in a poetry contest organized by American Embassy (awarded by Gulzar sahib) and in a National poetry contest organized by Poetry Council of India 2016. She has received Sohanlal Dwivedi Puraskar for children’s literature by Maharashtra state Hindi Sahitya Akademi for the year 2018, Premchand award by Ministry of Railways Rabindranath Tagore International Poetry award Soninder Samman, Freedom award by Radio city for Lyrics along with other awards and honor. She was listed in Forbes as one among passion78 most popular authors in the country in 2014. An engineer by profession, writing is her passion.

Neelam has rendered her poems in many international and national forums including SAARC, International festival by Sahitya Akademi, ISISAR, Jashn-e-Adab, Jashn—Hind, Poets Across Borders, USA Radio, Paper Fest, Big Dreams Fest etc and has been interviewed by several channels including Doordarshan and Doordarshan Sahyadri.

Her poetry book “The Lost Mint Taste” was released at NCPA, Mumbai in a beautiful program in which Dhanashree sang one of the lyrics written by her titled “To you, daughter” and Arpana Rao and Nandita performed Kathak on three of her powerful poems titled “Medussa’s Curse”, “The Pain” and “Love and Divinity” which was praised by one and all. Neelam’s rendition is very powerful and she touched the hearts of the viewers. Other dignitaries such as Sujata Jadhav, Sigma Satish, Juhi Gupte, Paramita Mukherjee also rendered their poems. The Bollywood Director of award winning films such as “Pathshala”, Milind Uikey, also graced the program and praised Neelam’s involvement with literature and also rendered one of her poems.

MANYA HARSHA – Young Environmentalist, A Responsible Future Citizen, and Nature Themed Author

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. The Twelve year old , Manya Harsha sets a perfect example of a responsible Future Citizen. She believes Pen is Mightier than Sword and henceforth has started her journey towards A Sustainable Environment, along with her pen, to inspire and create awareness amongst the readers. Manya, being a Nature themed author, has always thrown light on the current Ecological crisis through her writings. She has so far written seven books, four in English and three in kannada. Manya has been honoured with many titles which reflect her writing skills. She has also been awarded the title ‘Grandmaster ’ by the Asia Book of Records for her poetry book “NATURE OUR FUTURE” published in June 2019. Manya has been honored from INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS, EXCLUSIVE WORLD RECORDS and KARNATAKA ACHIEVERS BOOK OF RECORDS.

Manya is also the young author of Nature themed books,  Nature our Future,  The Water Heroes, Once Upon A Time in 2020 , being the latest . Being honored with title GRANDMASTER from Asia book of RECORDS,  Manya has set the record as  the YOUNGEST POET OF INDIA 2019 , in Vajra book of RECORDS, India book of Records, Golden book of Records, World book of RECORDS India, Exclusive world RECORDS,  Karnataka ACHIEVERS book of RECORDS. Manya is the YOUNGEST KANNADA AUTHOR, with her books Neerina Putani Samrakshakaru and Ondanondu kaladalli 2020( lockdown nenapugalu) making a huge name among the readers. Manya is also honored with the title YOUNGEST ANIMATED SHORT STORY MAKER,  from India Book of Records for making animated short stories to spread awareness amongst the masses.

Her latest book The Rise Of The Eco-warriors  highlights the efforts taken by them to effect change. It’s very  Motivating and encouraging to see how a  common man/ woman can  tackle such important issues that we all should be aware of. Who says you cannot achieve something big in your advancing years? At 89 years of age  , toiling in sun and soil , Siddappaji’s way of living is an eye opener. His journey proves age is no limit! The story is all  about a young girl who has a special power. Unlike the power of a Super-hero to throw fire flames , jump in air or invisible powers ! But , A power of determination, vision of an Eco-hero to save the world. Rani is a 9 yr old girl, who lives in a small village of India, Chandrapura, known for its beautiful blue lake.

From being a waste collector to a Community hero, the journey of Rangammajji has been remarkable. To know more about the  deeds of this Recycler Granny read our book The Rise of Eco Warriors. Will they be able to share their message of Conservation and Change to the world? Will they succeed in their Mission to Save Planet from Destruction? Read on to find out about  the environmentric adventures of the trio ! THE RISE OF THE ECO-WARRIORS. It is available in both – Kannada, and English, on Amazon and Flipkart.

SUCHANDRA ROYCHOWDHURY – From Bibliophile to Bestseller, Her Novel The Shotgun Wedding is a Must-Read Masterpiece

Incorrigible bibliophile, travel enthusiast and art aficionado, Suchandra lives with her husband and son in Bayshore, Singapore.  Suchandra has been a student of English Literature and obtained the degree of Master of Arts from Presidency College, Calcutta and pursued MPhil in the University of Calcutta.

“The Shotgun Wedding” is her first attempt in essaying a novel, inhabited by characters caught in an outlandish satire in a remote village in West Bengal, India. The bizarre socio-political dynamics unfolding between a newly appointed young lecturer hailing from cosmopolitan Calcutta and the inhabitants of rural Bengal make way for a rather comic narrative, interspersed with romance and mistaken identities. Currently, her debut novel is on the Best Seller List of Aleph Book Company, as well as being shortlisted Women Author Awards 2023 by the Times of India Group.

You will find The Shotgun Wedding quite easily on Amazon and Flipkart.

Life is full of stories, some known and some hidden. The journey of life is like a big adventure, filled with different feelings and emotions like love, ambition, and betrayal. These elements come together to create a complex and interesting tale. This is exactly what happened with “The Shotgun Wedding,” a story about Dita Roy, a woman from the city who becomes an English Lecturer in a small rural college in Bengal.

In this story, Dita meets a variety of interesting characters in the village, each with their own unique backgrounds and motives. These characters include politicians, businessmen, students, and even a mysterious man named Raja. The story moves between the village and the city, exploring the differences between urban and rural life.

The story is inspired by the author’s own experiences working in a college in West Bengal. The author combines real experiences with imagination to create a narrative that humorously delves into the world of education and politics.

At the heart of the story is the relationship between Raja and Dita, which develops despite challenges and deceptions. It all begins when Dita mistakes Raja for a tea server, and their bond grows over time. This bond leads them to a surprising situation—the infamous shotgun wedding.

In summary, “The Shotgun Wedding” is a story that captures the ups and downs of life’s journey, explores the dynamics between different characters, and focuses on the unexpected connection between Raja and Dita.

ABHISHEK KAPOOR – the best author in India captivating global readers with his powerful words

Author Abhishek Kapoor is regarded by many as the best author in India after the unprecedented success of his two international bestselling novels “The Pride of t20 cricket” and “The Selfish Betrayals.” The books written by Abhishek Kapoor have captured the attention of readers and critics alike, making him one of the best authors in India in this latest updated list of 2023.

The writing style of the best author in India, Author Abhishek Kapoor is considered to be the one of the finest because of its unique ability to entertain and engage readers till the last page. His novels are known for their captivating plots, filled with humor, intrigue, and relatable characters. Whether it’s the hilarious journey of a cricket coach and his rookie team or the gripping investigation of a mysterious murder, Abhishek Kapoor knows how to keep readers hooked from beginning to end, and that is one of the reasons why he is known as the best author in India in English according to this latest updated list of 2023.

With his captivating storytelling, powerful language, and widespread acclaim, Author Abhishek Kapoor continues to captivate readers and cement his position as a literary force in the country as one of the best authors In India in English in 2023.

Youth of India rated Author Abhishek Kapoor as the best author in India in English due to his engaging and relatable storytelling, unique concepts and fresh perspectives, powerful and thought-provoking writing, relevance to contemporary issues, recognition and acclaim, representation of youth experiences, and his unique ability to entertain and inspire.

The International Bestselling Cricket Basd Comedy Novel: The Pride of t20 Cricket By Abhishek Kapoor has become an international sensation in 16 countries since its release in 2020. It follows Canada Singh, a quirky cricket coach aiming to win the annual t20 cricket tournament in Kanpur with an unconventional team. Amid humor and warmth, the story also explores the bond between Canada and his daughter Shefali.

Intriguing Intricacies in “The Selfish Betrayals” by Abhishek Kapoor where Monty, the captivating protagonist of “The Selfish Betrayals,” is a complex man on a mission to solve a mysterious murder. Against all odds, he investigates without high-tech tools, uncovering betrayals fueled by money, love, and more. Set in Kanpur, this novel delves into local life and society’s divisions, while its nine interconnected chapters explore themes of redemption, ambition, and morality. Garnering national acclaim on Amazon, the book is celebrated for its impactful language and thought-provoking concept, making it a must-read for all.

The richness of Indian literature can be embraced through the words of the best 5 Indian Authors and Their Books in English.  Dr. Sheetal Nair, Neelam Saxena Chandra, Manya Harsha, Suchandra Roychowdhury, and Abhishek Kapoor with their unique voices and captivating stories will continue to inspire and leave an indelible mark on the Indian literary landscape of 2023 and beyond.